T7 Fully Hydrauilic Drilling Rig

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Orient T7 Full Hydraulic Top Hammer Drill Rig

Recommended hole range: 76-115 mm

Orient T7 is the full automatic top hammer drill rig with Epiroc drifter, Automatic Pipe Handling System (APHS) and aluminum feed beam, the core components are from internationally famous suppliers. Operator controls the equipment inside the cabin for drilling and pipe changing action with efficiency. The core components are from internationally famous suppliers.

It equipped Cummins 194 kW engine, makes the holes to 76-115 mm, and the depth up to 21 m.

It is almost perfect on improving drilling capability and working adaptability for high drilling capability and high drilling quality.

With an all-in-one design, T7 can be operated by only one labor but with higher efficiency. Lighter weight and designed size makes the machine move between jobsites and benches easier. B7 is widely used in various drilling applications as mining, blasting, quarry, pre-splitting, medium and deep holes drilling. It is popular in over 32 countries because of its flexibility and excellent capability.



Powerful drifter.

Much better flexibility.

Excellent return on investment.

Precise drilling for better blast results.

Excellent drilling quality and speed.

High efficiency, energy saving and environment friendly

Epiroc drifter and powerful air compressor for excellent energy performance, excellent fuel performance for excellent energy saving. Orient T7 has a high torque to avoid rod jamming in various rock situation, two stage dust collect system makes a friendly working situation and also meets the environment requirement.

Equipped Epiroc drifter, with high/low compact, automatic anti rod jamming.



Safety and easy operating

All-in-one designed cabin not only makes a better view than other competitors, but also protect the operator well. The operation can control the whole drill rig inside the cabin comfortable and easily.

With square folder arm, covers drilling up to 17 m2 area.

The console shows the whole rig situation clearly, also equipped the emergency stop / battery charging indicator.

Flexibility and moving easily

Orient T7 has safe and fast moving ability between working sites. It has excellent ground clearance, oscillation, low gravity and balance ability which makes it has great off road capability.

Easy maintenance and service

With our intelligent design, Orient T7 is designed with easy maintenance and service at the very beginning. We make all maintenance points are easy to access. This user-friendly design is welcomed by the maintenance engineers.